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Marco Mendeni

Lives and works at

Born 03/05/79


https://marcomendeni.com ------------------------------------------------------- 2016 -Group Show- GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY, XX1T Triennale International Exhibition, IULM space, curated by Vincenzo Trione and Matteo Bittanti, Milan, Italy BNL Media Art Festival, MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Roma, Italy The Wrong, new digital art Biennale , Galerie Charlot, curated by Filippo Lorenzin and Kamilia Kard, Paris, France 12th Athens Digital Arts Festival, | Historic center of Athens, Greece . 2015 Solo Show NO NAME [that’s the way the cookie crumbles], curated by Roberto Borghi, Theca Gallery, Milano, Italy . Group Show 6PM Local Time, WeMake, curated by Domenico Quaranta and Fabio Paris, Milano, Italy FILE | Electronic Language International Festival, curared by Paola Perisinnotto/RicardoBaretto, San Paolo, Brasil Off Biennale Cairo, curated by Elena Giulia Abbiatici, Ciro, Egypt 0M / no place to hide, Museo Civico Monfalcone, curated by Martina Cavallerin/Stefano Monti, Monfalcone, Italy The Wrong/New Digital Art Biennale,by Filippo Lorenzin and Kamilia kard AuRevoir, curated by Kevin McManus, Theca Gallery, Milano, Italy International Contemporary art fair, Art Vilnius, curated by Diana Stomienė, Vilnius, Lithuania Dancity Festival, curated by Carla Capodimonti and Federica Patti, Foligno, Perugia, Italy U.V.2 PATRICIA, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano, Italy Live Cinema Festival, Roma, Italy . 2014 Solo Show Deceptive Perceptions | Museo Civico, Campione d’Italia, curator Matteo Bittanti, Switzerland EXTRA/ORDINARY WORLD | SpazioBarnum, curated by Federica Patti, Bologna, Italy . Group Show Ende Tymes IV | NOISE AND EXPERIMENTAL LIBERATION, curated by Bob Bellerue, New York, U.S.A Perduti nel Paesaggio | MART Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea / curated by Giorgio Verzotti, Trento, Italy WHY NOT? | AZIMUT Gruppo finanziario, Theca Gallery, curated by Grisca Grava, Milano, Italy FILE | Electronic Language International Festival, curared by Paola Perisinnotto/RicardoBaretto, San Paolo, Brasil 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo | r lightTweakSunlight Drone, Marseille, France ICON | {a short retrospective on contemporary iconography concept}, Theca Gallery, curated by Andrea Carlo Alpini, Lugano, Switzerland AUTFEST2014 | languages of the unheard, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, Germany DIGITALGRAFFITI | ArtTechnology, curated by Mike Ragsdale end Brett Phares , Alys Beach, Florida, U.S.A NEFest | International festival for experimental art, organized by the Bulgarian foundation NO Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria ROBOT07 | Digital paths into music and arts, curated by Federica Patti, Bologna, Italy FMK Festival | curated by Stefano Monti, Pordenone, Italy GAMES THAT PEOPLE PLAY| OFF BRUXELLES FAIR, curated by Matteo Bittanti, Bruxelles, Belgium Pulsart | restart 2014 ritual, curated by Anna Zerbaro Pezzin, Shio, Italy XXXFurifestival | curated by Anna Zerbaro Pezzin, Pesaro, Italy Videoart night | curated by Carlo Sala, Ca dei ricchi, Treviso, Italy Landshape | Spazio Ultra, curated by Chiara Moro and Stefano Monti, Udine, Italy Voyage en Italie | Bergamo Arte Fiera, (a cura di Theca Gallery Lugano), Italy Premio Fondazione Fabbri | villa Brandolini Pieve di Soligo/ Treviso, Italy . 2013 Solo Show Artificialia | Un mondo dis-simulato, Camera di Commercio dell’Uruguay Saronno, Theca Gallery, curator Luca Avanzini, Italy I’m not playing | (For hacked videogame and real-time sampler), [.BOX] Video Art Space, curator Alessandra Arnò, Milan, Italy Kenell Game | Curated by Andrea Carlo Alpini,Theca Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland . Group Show ATHENS SLINGSHOT | Innovative ART AND Technology, curated by Eric Mart, Athens, Georgia,U.S.A Wander WEB TV| Cultural Center of Novi Sad, curated by Andrej Tisma, Novi Sad, Serbia ROBOT06 | Digital paths into music and arts, curated by federica Patti, Bologna, Italy FILE | Electronic Language International Festival, curator Paola Perisinnotto/RicardoBaretto, San Paolo, Brasil MIA | The Armory Center for the Arts, Alanna Simone, MIA curator, California, U.S.A NEVER ODD OR EVEN | gallery Team TITANIC, curated Team Titanic, Berlin, Germany Playing The Game/2 | Curated by Paolo VJ VISUALLOOP Branca, sponsored by Provincia di Milano and Camera di Commercio, Milano, Italy NEW GAME DESIGNER | CTU_university of Milan_curated by Debora Ferrari_Milano, Italy NOVART, Festival Digital Art, Nova Milanese, Italy GAME ART CAMP | Curated by Debora Ferrari and Luca Traini, Monza, Italy CARNEN | Fabbrica del vapore, curated by Care of Docva, Milano, Italy I’m not playing, for hacked videogame and real- time sampler, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, Germany AA13 –Arte Accessibile MILAN, Curated by Andrea Carlo Alpini, Theca Gallery, Milano,Italy FOV001 | Audiovisual_Performance, Start-schuss, Berlino, Germany GAMES WEEK MILANO_2013 | Neoludica, Game Art Gallery, Curated by Debora Ferrari, Milano, Italy . 2012 Group Show BYOB | Milano, curated by Domenico Quaranta, Milano, Italy PULSART | “INSIDE ME”, curated by Anna Z.Pezzin, Shio, Italy ROBOT | Festival 05, curated by Marcella Loconte, Bologna, Italy Impossible Backgrounds | audiovisual performance, Sowieso, Berlin, Germany GAMES WEEK | MILANO, Neoludica, Game Art Gallery, Curated by Debora Ferrari, Milano, Italy Ti Racconto | Curated by CRAC CENTRO RICERCA ARTE CONTEMPORANEA, Cremona, Italy WANDER WEB TV | video art & experimental reports, Curated by Tamara Lai . 2011 Group Show Boulding | GAMEC, curated by Gamec, Bergamo, Italy Statment | Spazio in mostra, curated by Ivan Quaroni, Milano, Italy I am Niko Bellic | interactive installation, ATM project curated by Ezio Cuoghi, Milano, Italy Game Over | Video Installation, Tacheles, Berlin, Germany


Marco Mendeni explores new realities and situations engendered by technology. Specifically, he uses video games as an expressive medium to investigate the relation between the real and the digital, simulation and dissimulation. Mendeni’s work is informed by such binaries as virtuality vs. materiality, presence vs. absence, tradition vs. innovation. Videogame worlds, in their virtual reality, lose their artificial character as playable simulations to become a space for exploration and experimentation. Mendeni approaches video games as unsubstantial constructions and turns them into material objects. This apparent paradox creates new meanings and situations. Mendeni lives and works in Berlin.

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